Shivaji College, University of Delhi
Ring Road, Raja Garden, New Delhi - 110027

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  Part A - Academic Student Satisfaction Survey
  Dear Student! All questions are mandatory.
Questions Please read the questions carefully and check the relevant checkbox against each question.
1. How much syllabus was covered in the class? Write in the box the prefix number.**  85 to 100%  70 to 84%  55 to 69%  30 to 54%  Below 30%
2. Are your teachers well-prepared for class?**  Thoroughly  Satisfactorily  Poorly  Indifferently  Won't teach at all
3. How effectively do your teachers communicate in class?**  Always effective  Sometimes effective  Satisfactorily  Generally ineffective  Very poor communication
4. The teachers illustrate the concepts through examples and applications.**  Every time  Usually  Occasionally/Sometimes  Rarely  Never
5. The teacher's approach to teaching can best be described as:**  Excellent  Very good  Good  Fair  Poor
6. Do you think your teachers conduct a fair internal evaluation process?**  Always fair  Usually fair  Sometimes unfair  Usually unfair  Highly discriminating
7. Do teachers discuss individual performance in internal assessment?**  Every time  Usually  Occasionally/Sometimes  Rarely  Never
8. The teaching and mentoring process in your institution facilitates you in cognitive, social and emotional growth.**  Significantly  Very well  Moderately  Marginally  Not at all
9. The teachers identify your strength and give you opportunities to challenge yourself and grow.**  Fully  Reasonably  Partially  Slightly  Unable to
10. The teachers identify your weakness and help you overcome them.**  Every time  Usually  Occasionally/Sometimes  Rarely  Never
11. Your mentor does a necessary follow-up with a task assigned to you.**  Every time  Usually  Occasionally/Sometimes  Rarely  I don't have a mentor
12. Do teachers inform you about the expected competence from students in your course.**  Every time  Usually  Occasionally/Sometimes  Rarely  Never
13. Do teachers apprise you of the benefits of this course, and inform you of the prospects and outcome of the programme of your study.**  Every time  Usually  Occasionally/Sometimes  Rarely  Never
14. Does your institution take any interest in promoting internship, student exchange, and field visit opportunities for students.**  Regularly  Often  Sometimes  Rarely  Never
15. Your institution provides multiple opportunities to develop your skills and talents, and help you grow as a person.**  Strongly agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Strongly disagree
16. The institution makes necessary effort to engage students in the monitoring, review and continuous quality improvement of the teaching-learning process.**  Strongly agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Strongly disagree
17. The institution/teachers adopt student-centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning, and problem-solving methodologies for enhancing learning experiences.**  To a great extent  Moderate  Some what  Very little  Not at all
18. Teachers' attitude towards your participation in extracurricular activities.**  Encouraging  Agreeable  Indifferent  Disagreeable  Discouraging
19. Efforts are made by the institution/teachers to inculcate soft skills, life skills and employability skills to make you ready for the world beyond college.**  To a great extent  Moderate  Some what  Very little  Not at all
20. How many teachers use ICT tools such as LCD projector, multimedia, etc. while teaching?**  Above 90%  70 - 89%  50 - 69%  30 - 49%  Below 29%
21. The overall quality of teaching-learning process in your institution is very good.**  Strongly agree  Agree  Neutral  Disagree  Strongly disagree
22. How beneficial are the conference/seminar/workshop held in your institution?**  Very helpful  Somewhat relevant  Neutral  Not relevant  Never attended any
  Part B - Infrastructure and College Environment
  Dear Student! All questions are mandatory.
Questions Please read the questions carefully and check the relevant checkbox against each question.
1. Are you satisfied with the sports facility in your college?**  Excellent  Very Good  Good  Average  Below average  
2. Are your science/computer laboratories well-equipped according to curricular requirements?**  Excellent  Very Good  Good  Average  Not Applicable  
3. Are you satisfied with the competence and cooperation of the laboratory staff?**  Excellent  Very Good  Good  Average  Not Applicable  
4. Is the library staff cooperative and competent?**  Always  Sometimes  Rarely  Indifferent  Never  
5. How is the collection of subject books and general books in your library?**  Excellent  Very good  Good  Average  Below average  
6. How would you rate your experience while dealing with administrative staff in the office?**  Excellent  Very helpful  Good  Average  Below average  
7. How effectively is discipline maintained in the college?**  Excellent  Very Good  Good  Average  Below average  
8. Do you think rules and regulations are strictly followed during examinations?**  Rigidly  Strictly  Flexible  Average  Not at all  
9. How is the balance between academic routine and extracurricular activities in your college?**  Excellent  Very Good  Good  Average  Below average  
10. Are tutorials for Humanities students held regularly?**  90-100%  80-90%  70-80%  60-70%  50-60%  Not at all
11. Are practical sessions for Sciences held regularly?**  90-100%  80-90%  70-80%  60-70%  50-60%  Not at all
Note: Provide three observation/suggestions to improve the overall teaching-learning experience in your institution. (Optional)